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Book Author Price
emerge 17 The Writers Studio - Simon Fraser University $20.00
Exercise Programming Science and Practice Tony Leyland $96.00
emerge 16 The Writers Studio - Simon Fraser University $20.00
Shakespeare Early and Late: A Textbook Paul Budra $75.00
Serious and Violent Young Offenders and Youth Criminal Justice: A Canadian Perspective R. Corrado, A. Leschied, P. Lussier, J. Whatley (Editors) $109.00
Current Issues in Health, Second Edition Stephen Brown $75.00
Voicing the Essay: Reading and Writing for Depth John Whatley $89.00
Management Challenges in Canadian Federal Corrections, 2nd Edition Sherry Mumford $96.00
A Linguistic Introduction to the History and Structure of the English Lexicon Paul McFetridge $82.00
Classics in Environmental Criminology Martin A. Andresen, J. Bryan Kinney, Paul J. Brantingham (Editors) $102.00
British Law and Arctic Men: The Celebrated 1917 Murder Trials of Sinnisiak and Uluksuk, First Inuit Tried Under White Man’s Law Gordon Moyles $30.00
Biological Influences on Criminal Behavior Gail Anderson $82.00