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Exercise Programming Science and Practice

"Scientific rigour is a focus of this textbook. The accuracy is excellent and the information organized well and clearly presented. The author has done a thorough job of ensuring the material is referenced. Topics, rarely found in other textbooks, like Fundamental Movement Patterns, Resistance Training, Advanced Training and Aerobic Conditioning and High-Intensity Interval Training, can be found here. The text develops thought processes appropriately and builds from anatomical and physiological concepts to more advanced concepts. One of its strong points is its clear organization of a wealth of material; indeed, it would likely take three or four textbooks to accomplish what this text has put together. An excellent student resource that could find a useful place on the trainer's bookshelf."

- Dr. Gregory R. duManoir, PhD, CSEP CEP. Instructor, School of Health & Exercise Sciences, Faculty of Health & Social Development, University of British Columbia Okanagan Campus.

ISBN: 978-1-77287-014-5

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About the author

Tony Leyland was born in 1956 in Oxford, England. He completed a Bachelor of Education degree in Physical Education and Mathematics at St Luke's College, Exeter University in the UK. After teaching high school in Switzerland and England over a three-year period he moved to Canada in 1982 to start a Masters Degree at Simon Fraser University (SFU). His M.Sc. involved mathematical modelling of the mechanical properties of human skeletal muscle.

Tony has taught in the Department of Biomedical Physiology and Kinesiology (BPK), SFU, Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada, for 35 years and has an extensive background as an athlete, coach and academic. He has been interested in physical activity since his childhood, originally in the area of competitive sports. His main sports were Soccer, Field Hockey, Rugby, Tennis and Squash, all played at a fairly high level. For example, he played in the Swiss National Rugby Final in 1981, the West Counties [Field] Hockey final in 1982 and was ranked thirteenth in the B.C. provincial squash rankings in 1991. Having been born in England it is not surprising that Tony played football [soccer] for most of his life (for school, college and premier senior leagues) only recently retiring. Currently Tony still plays competitive tennis, skis, lifts weights, hikes and performs a variety of circuit, interval and endurance exercises. Although Tony has a love of sports and has played at elite levels, he was never a professional athlete. The reason he has stayed so active is simply because he loves being fit and the physical and mental challenge of sports. An understanding and appreciation of the range of human physical performance (including the amazing ability of elite athletes) is something that is discussed in this text.